Collection: Protection & Clearing Crystal Collection: Enhance Your Energy and Safeguard Your Aura


Welcome to Yu Zhu Gallery's Protection & Clearing Crystal Collection, where we bring you the finest selection of natural, energy-enhancing crystals to safeguard your aura and promote positive vibrations. Our expertly curated assortment of crystals is designed to help you ward off negativity, clear your energy field, and attract an abundance of positivity into your life. As Singapore's premier destination for high-quality crystals, we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional products that cater to their spiritual and holistic needs.

By incorporating protection and clearing crystals into your daily routine, you can experience an elevated sense of well-being and a strengthened connection to your inner self. Whether you are seeking a sense of calm, inner strength, or heightened intuition, our collection offers a wide range of crystals to suit your individual needs.

At Yu Zhu Gallery, we pride ourselves on sourcing only the most exquisite and ethically-sourced crystal, ensuring that our customers can confidently invest in our Protection & Clearing Collection. Make sure to regularly visit this page to stay updated on our newest arrivals and discover the perfect crystal to enhance your energy and transform your life.









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  • Amber Chips Polished 100grams Pack/Tumbled stones
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