Discover the Magic of Crystals: Explore Singapore's Leading Natural Crystal Store, Yu Zhu Gallery (雨竹轩)

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Welcome to Yu Zhu Gallery (雨竹轩), Singapore's leading natural crystal store since 2003. Our passion for crystals inspires us to provide a diverse selection of high-quality healing crystals and stones, perfect for healers, collectors, and enthusiasts alike.

At Yu Zhu Gallery, our mission is to offer premium-quality crystals at affordable prices, ensuring exceptional customer service and professionalism as our standard. Conveniently located at Fortune Centre #04-18, our retail store welcomes customers to explore our vast collection in person.

As one of the top destinations for purchasing crystals both online and offline, our inventory includes an extensive range of crystal products such as Crystal Spheres, Bracelets, Singing Bowls, Healing Wands, Points, Pyramids, 7 Chakra Healing Sets, Pendulums, Necklaces, Tumbled Stones, Trees, Massage Wands, Hearts, Pendants, Orgone Products, Angels, Clusters, and various Feng Shui & Metaphysical items.

Our longstanding reputation for selling only natural crystals has garnered us a loyal customer base, and we continue to strive for excellence in our offerings. Shop with confidence on our website, and feel free to contact us if you need assistance in finding specific crystals or items of interest.

Discover the power of natural crystals at Yu Zhu Gallery (雨竹轩) today and elevate your spiritual journey with our handpicked selection.


"探索水晶的魅力:雨竹轩(Yu Zhu Gallery)

- 新加坡领先的天然水晶商店"

欢迎来到雨竹轩(Yu Zhu Gallery),自2003年以来一直是新加坡领先的天然水晶商店。我们对水晶的热爱激发了我们为治疗师、收藏家和水晶爱好者提供高品质天然水晶和石头的灵感。

雨竹轩的使命是以实惠的价格提供优质水晶,确保优异的客户服务和专业水准。我们位于金隆大厦Fortune Center #04-18 的零售店欢迎顾客亲自探索我们丰富的水晶产品。



今天就来雨竹轩(Yu Zhu Gallery)探索天然水晶的力量,用我们精选的水晶助您的心灵之旅更上一层楼。